George Schroeder

Like most painters, I think about structure, space, and surface. As I've tried to find my way forward, I've been drawn increasingly to simplicity, clarity, subtlety of surface and, paradoxically perhaps, spatial ambiguity. Although some of my current paintings may seem as simple as design class exercises, I hope their bold patterns, careful balance, and subtly worked surfaces command and hold attention.

My other major medium over many years has been collage. Although the collages look very different from the paintings, my goal is, in part, the same: to achieve a coherent organization in each piece. Making them I am concerned primarily with formal issues such as balance, rhythm, line, edge, surface and space. I won't deny that other considerations play a role. The romance of the cheap pulp papers, some of them quite old, word fragments, image shards, with their tag-along, cryptic allusions, all contribute to a paradoxical field that I hope will pique a viewer's interest.